Alarm Clock of Justice


Program alarms for a sleeping or hibernating computer


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Alarm Clock of Justice is a program for configuring alarms on your PC. But it's not a simple, conventional alarm clock - rather, it is designed to run with a system that is asleep or hibernating.

You can configure Alarm Clock of Justice to play any song you like. To do so, the program supports both Winamp and Windows Media Player.

And you can configure it to launch any other program alongside your system when the alarm goes off.

You can also adjust various details of the audio file that will be played, like volume, duration, and any effects, for example that the song decreases in volume as it plays.

Alarm Clock of Justice also allows you to save the configurations that you've made, making them easy to access when you decide to use them again.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher.

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